Northern Schools Ministry

The Northern Schools & Youth Outreach Inc was formed by Christian leaders across Salisbury and Playford to provide support for School Chaplains across the northern suburbs of Adelaide around ten years ago. Mal Graetz helped the Ministers establish a Constitution and various Trusts to provide structures for financial accountability and fund raising.

NSYO now seeks to provide local support for each Christian Pastoral Support Worker (Chaplain) in cooperation with the Christian Churches. The Chairperson of NSYO is Janeen Henscke. The team meets as needed. 



Who is SMG?

Schools Ministry Group was formed in 1991 when the Heads of 11 Christian Church denominations joined together to oversee Christian ministry in South Australian Government schools


What is the purpose of SMG?

Our vision is 'helping a young generation discover purpose, value and hope'

Our goal is for every school student and their community to experience support and care from a positive Christian role model, and to encourage the social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual development of students.


What does SMG do?


*         SMG works together with ecumenical groups across SA who are representative of local churches to provide support and resource to them as they endeavour to connect with, support and minister to the young people and their local school communities


*         SMG employs the  320 Christian Pastoral Support Workers (previously known as Chaplains) in SA Government Schools who represent the local community churches


*         SMG works in partnership with other Ministry and Mission Organisations in SA such as Scripture Union, Youth for Christ and Youth Alive


For many years the South Australian churches have had a unique structure previously called the Heads of Christian Churches, now called Leaders of Christian Churches (LOCSA).  which has established a sub committee named the Schools Ministry Group. The SMG now provide the financial structure for the ongoing employment and entitlements. You can read more about this at

The Regional Manager for the northern region is Cathy Dight -

Cathy Dight

Cathy Dight -